For those of you using Phamerator and Starterator in the SEA VM:
The Hatfull lab has been doing some much needed updates to the underlying phamerator database and at the same time has moved all the databases to a new server. The combination of these two events means that the SEA VM version of phamerator and starterator will no longer be able to update to new databases as they are released. These programs will continue to work "as is" but the databases they have now will become increasingly out of date as new phage are added and pham assignments invariable change.

The production version of starterator has been updated and the web based PDF's are up to date with the new database. Users of the web pages should be on the lookout for any discrepancies or possible errors, I have tested many pages but cannot screen all 14,000 or so pham reports so it is possible that some unusual set of circumstances could result in errors in the Starterator reports. If you find anything of concern please report to this forum or send me an email directly.

Finally, I am looking for a few volunteer testers to work with me on testing the new beta version of Starterator in their VM. Send me an email if you would like to help in this regard. Thanks.
Edited 09 Dec, 2020 22:59