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New DNA Master Genome Profile Column and Starterator 1.2

| posted 04 Dec, 2020 17:55
Hi all-

I recently discovered that DNA Master (version 5.23.6 updated 8 Nov 2020) is adding in an extra column into the basic Genome Profile called "Arm." It shows up in my files as Column E, in between Strand and Feature_Start. If you are trying to run Starterator 1.2 on a Whole Unphamerated Phage for QC purposes and do not delete this "Arm" column from the .csv Genome Profile, running Starterator 1.2 on the SEA VM fails and dumps out a blank report. Deleting the "Arm" column from the Genome Profile will enable you to successfully run a Starterator 1.2 report on a Whole Unphamerated Phage.

I do not see a checkbox option on DNA Master to remove the "Arm" column from the Genome Profile output, so you will have to manually edit the csv output file.
| posted 07 Dec, 2020 19:10
Thanks for posting this. I have added a note on the issues tracker for Starterator here:

Hopefully once the end of the semester grading bonanza ends I can update starterator to handle the new default Genome profile format created by DNA Master.
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