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Phage Jinkies - error in annotation?

| posted 17 Nov, 2020 05:10
Hello all,

We were excited to see that a phage of interest, former singleton Vibaki, has been clustered with phage Jinkies in new cluster FL. However, when I compared the two phages on, the last ~10,000 bp of phage Jinkies (starting at 40k bp) has some nucleotide similarity with Vibaki and quite a lot of coding potential on Genemark-Self, but there are no genes annotated. This is also reflected on PhagesDB and in the Genbank entry. The last gene is gene 57, but there are close to 10,000bp after that with no genes annotated and plenty of coding potential.

In PECAAN, Jinkies (noted as unclustered for now) was annotated up through gene #84, which makes much more sense to me based on the coding potential. Has there been an error with the final annotation files that were Phamerated and submitted to Genbank? It was submitted back in May 2020.

Thanks for any insight!
| posted 17 Nov, 2020 11:34
Hi Amanda,
I think you are right. I will get that corrected.
| posted 17 Nov, 2020 19:51
Great! Thanks, Debbie.
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