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Pham 36129 report not found in Starterator

| posted 26 Sep, 2020 19:06

Students in our group are unable to access the Starterator report for Pham 36129 ( and are getting a 404 error. Sure enough, it seems like the report is missing ( Is there any reason why this may be, or any workaround for the issue?



EDIT: Seems like Pham 37297 has the same issue ( Perhaps others in our phage Blizzard's genome as well, just yet to be determined.
Edited 26 Sep, 2020 19:28
| posted 26 Sep, 2020 19:37
Hi Michael and all,
Phamerator is undergoing a rather big update this weekend. It will take a bit of time for the remaining databases to catch up. This forum explains.
| posted 26 Sep, 2020 19:38
Thanks Debbie, I will pass this message along. Hopefully next week things will be back to normal.


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