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Virtual box installation error

| posted 02 Sep, 2020 18:32
Hi all

My student tried to install the virtual box and she receives over and over the same error (see attached).
She is following the instructions for DNA Master Mac installation.
Please advise, thank you!

| posted 02 Sep, 2020 18:51
Hi Tiara,

I haven't encountered that myself before, but perhaps the suggestions on this page will help:

| posted 02 Sep, 2020 18:52
Wow! talk about a spectacularly unhelpful error message.

There are just a few things to try that are very basic:
1. make sure there is enough room on the hard drive for installation.
2. make sure any virus protection software is TURNED OFF. Virtualbox does some very deep level installation that could be blocked.
3. make sure to be logged into an account with Administrator privilege (to check this go to system preferences -> users & groups and make sure that there is the "Admin" label under the user name in the left column)
that is all I can come up with off the top. Good luck!
| posted 02 Sep, 2020 20:17
Hi all

Thanks! I will give it a try!

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