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DNA Master Application Corrupted

| posted 31 Aug, 2020 15:04
I have used DNA Master for 8 months now and have always been able to open the DNA Master application with no problem. Now when I try and open the application an error message saying "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" pops up. I have been able to fix a corrupted file before by following tutorials, but haven't had any luck finding anything on how to fix the actual program. Wondering if anyone knows about any solutions?
| posted 31 Aug, 2020 15:05
This is the message that pops up when I try and open DNA Master:
| posted 11 Sep, 2020 18:52
Yikes. This looks like it lost something it needs to run, as if something is wrong in the path. Why? Who knows. In my experience, this usually means a new installation of DNA Master, and uninstall/delete of the previous version.
| posted 11 Sep, 2020 20:53
Hi all,
I think the fix is easy. I believe - if you are clicking on DNA Master.exe –you are clicking on the DNA Master installation program. That is not the one that you want. Go to C: -> Program files -> DNA Master folder and look for the DNAMas.exe file which will run DNA Master. Be sure to check that you are running as administrator.
Let me know,
| posted 29 Dec, 2020 19:47
I have been having trouble downloading DNAMaster on my new laptop and when it finally downloaded I had to go through Microsoft Edge and not Google Chrome. It is now giving me 3 error messages seen in the attached file. I have not had a chance to autoannotate any files as of yet, but when I put in all of the parameters mentioned in the bioinformatics guide it would not allow me to open any files and continued to crash and restart. I was able to downloaded the program again, but have not made any modifications to the parameters for Blast or any other areas. It is able to open previously autoannotated genomes.
| posted 30 Dec, 2020 20:04
Hi Matt,
This sounds like 2 different problems, both alluding to incomplete download/installation problems. I would first recommend uninstall and reinstall.
Also, does the installer have admin priviledges? You are missing some files/drivers. Do you still have DNA master on your old computer? We may have to do some copy/pasting.
| posted 30 Dec, 2020 23:37
Hi Debbie,
Well the old computer died while I was attempting to use it. I was able to copy the files from what I could get from my work computer and then I downloaded the slip-stream update and put that into the files containing the old version of DNAMaster and it seems to be working, fingers crossed for the moment. Thanks for the suggestions and help as always. I will let you know if it stops again.
| posted 30 Dec, 2020 23:44
Ok. It is never simple, is it?
Good luck.
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