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DNA Master Application Corrupted

| posted 31 Aug, 2020 15:04
I have used DNA Master for 8 months now and have always been able to open the DNA Master application with no problem. Now when I try and open the application an error message saying "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" pops up. I have been able to fix a corrupted file before by following tutorials, but haven't had any luck finding anything on how to fix the actual program. Wondering if anyone knows about any solutions?
| posted 31 Aug, 2020 15:05
This is the message that pops up when I try and open DNA Master:
| posted 11 Sep, 2020 18:52
Yikes. This looks like it lost something it needs to run, as if something is wrong in the path. Why? Who knows. In my experience, this usually means a new installation of DNA Master, and uninstall/delete of the previous version.
| posted 11 Sep, 2020 20:53
Hi all,
I think the fix is easy. I believe - if you are clicking on DNA Master.exe –you are clicking on the DNA Master installation program. That is not the one that you want. Go to C: -> Program files -> DNA Master folder and look for the DNAMas.exe file which will run DNA Master. Be sure to check that you are running as administrator.
Let me know,
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