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Query about Function assignment for MrMiyagi gene 97

| posted 07 May, 2020 00:14
Dear Phage hunters,
I Need help deciding on the function of MrMiyagi gene 97 (gene 100 in phamerator). It is an Orpham.
BLASTp in NCBI & phagesDb hits holliday junction resolvase with phage Fowlmouth, q59: s7, coverage 52%, pecent identity 96.97%, e-value 1e-25 (
However, HHPred data hits at DNA Helicase, PDBe, Thermus thermophilus, d1ixsa_, 28.92%, 92.41% as well as RNA POLYMERASE SIGMA FACTOR CNRH; TRANSCRIPTION, ECF-TYPE SIGMA and on RuvA_C ; RuvA, C-terminal domain.

The hit at Holliday junction DNA helicase ruvA/RuvB(E.C. has a probability of 78.61%. I am therefore conflicted on what function to settle for: holliday junction resolvase, DNA Helicase or RNA polymerase sigma factor? There was a recent post about sigma factor but I dont see it.
Edited 07 May, 2020 00:18
| posted 08 May, 2020 03:00
That function that I would assign Hypothetical Protein to this gene. The evidence is not strong enough for me to assign any of the choices you have pointed out.
| posted 09 May, 2020 02:46
Thank you Debbie!
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