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Cluster DC - Capsid maturation protease and MuF-like protein

| posted 06 May, 2020 20:48
Can a phage have both a "capsid maturation protease and MuF-like protein" and a "capsid maturation protease"?

In Portcullis (DC1) Gene stop 9453 we believe is a capsid maturation protease and MuF-like protein. We believe that Gene stop 11104 is a "capsid maturation protease".

I went back to the guide, but really wasn't sure whether or not we could call both of these.

| posted 06 May, 2020 21:36
hi Ellen, no. There should be only one capsid maturation protease per phage, sometimes a MuF-domain will be fused onto this protease. There can be multiple proteases– just not multiple ones of this specific kind.
Does that help?

Make sure that anything you are going to call as a protease has an actual protease domain match when you use HHpred. Sometimes things get mislabeled and then those labels get propagated through the database. We are working on the cleanup.

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