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Cluster EA1- tail terminator

| posted 30 Mar, 2020 15:54
Hi- We are seeing a discrepancy between the HHpred top results for gp11 for BigRedClifford in Pecaan (PDB 4ACV_B, 81% Prob) and after running it thru HHpred (PDB 5A21_G, 98% Prob). Based upon the 5A21_G hit, we are leaning towards calling its function as ‘tail terminator’ as many of the other EA1 phages call it a tail terminator, but can we not rely on Pecaan HHpred calls?
| posted 31 Mar, 2020 13:25
Hi Deb,
I knew that the data obtained in PECAAN was static, meaning if you ran the programs on March 2019 and then reviewed on March 2020, the results would be different because the PECAAN data was out-of-date.

What I didn't know, or rather didn't quite put together, is that the HHPred databases are downloaded periodically at WKU, allowing all of the programs to run faster. So, Claire Rinehart and colleague, Dex Wood, are actually looking for results such as what you just got to know that the data is discrepant enough to check on database dates. Today Dex found 2 databases out of date and will upload them tonight. When you re-run your HHPred data, the results will change a bit.

Good catch!
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