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Rasputia (GC) tRNA called by TRNAScanSE but not Aragorn

| posted 23 Mar, 2020 19:46
Rasputia (GC cluster) appears to have 4 tRNAs in a cluster (see my attachment with screenshots from DNAMaster and tRNAScanSE). The one in question is what DNAMaster is calling feature 150. It appears to have an intron? It is way too long, and online Aragorn does not call it. BUT, tRNAScanSE DOES, and gives it a good infernal score ( and a mostly cononical structure. However, it doesn't appear to have an anticodon. My hunch is that it's not real, but if we delete it, we'd be leaving a big hole. I know that we generally don't call it unless it's less than 90bp, but I'm really curious if this could be at all real. Unless I hear otherwise, we won't call it. But I'd love to know more if anyone can offer some insight.

| posted 23 Mar, 2020 20:04
Hi Nikki,
If there is an intron in the tRNA, we are not calling the tRNA. There may have been times where we thought we could call them, but at the present time we are not calling them.
| posted 23 Mar, 2020 20:08
Thanks, Debbie! I totally agree that it's not worth calling at this point, but boy is it an interesting case! As always, I appreciate the experts weighing in.

Hope things are well!
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