I have a proposal for a new functional Gene call, Arsenite Oxidase, and have evidence to support my claim. While annotating DJ Cluster Draft phage Secretariat I came across a gene that is practically undocumented, with two members in its pham both being drafts, Schwartz33_Draft_83 and Secretariat_Draft_79. It lacked good NCBI matches but had an excellent HHPRED match to an Arsenite Oxidase subunit from Rhizobium bacteria. However, upon reviewing the Official Genes list we were given I found that Arsenite Oxidase was not listed as a function but Arsenate Reductase was. When researched I found that Arsenate Reductase and Arsenite Oxidase shared similar functions being essentially inverses of one another. Furthermore not only is it found in Rhizobium, a nitrogen-fixing bacteria common in soil, but in the host bacteria of the phage, Gordonia rubripertincta. Since arsenate reductase is an option to call for gene function I believe that considering the provided evidence, Arsenite Oxidase should be added to the gene list as well. I will attach all of references and screenshots I gathered. I have compiled them into a single document, should this be added I would like to be credited for my work and research.