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Cluster DW - Beta protein?

| posted 08 Jan, 2020 18:20
Annotating gene 33 in DumpsterDude. Two members in Pham, other member annotated as NKF. The HHPRED results indicate 100% probability match with PF14350.6 Beta_protein, 91% coverage, e-value 0. This beta_protein ( does appear to be found in T4 bacteriophages:

"This family includes the beta protein from Bacteriophage T4, P13057. Beta protein prevents the gop protein, P13058 from killing the bacterial host cell [1]."

I know this isn't on the approved list, and I don't think there's enough information here to warrant a function, but just wanted to put this here in case anyone ran across a similar type of gene.
| posted 08 Jan, 2020 18:22
Thanks for posting—
I agree– not enough information to include it as a function for now, but definitely worth pointing out and keeping an eye on.
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