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Release of Starterator version 1.2

| posted 04 Aug, 2020 19:34
Thanks, Chris.

So, I guess I need to keep two VMs running? One for Starterator, which is useful for QC, and one for the new file checker, which is necessary for QC.

| posted 04 Aug, 2020 23:42
OH I see, great questions. As far as I know there is no version of the VM that anyone has built that can run both Starterator and pdm_utils. Not sure it is even possible but I have never tried so it could be possible. The issue is that starterator requires some pretty old versions of some of the the graphical libraries and pdm_utils requires some of the newer libraries that are only available on the newer versions of Ubuntu. It is possible that there are versions of the graphics libraries that are compatible with both starterator and the newer versions of ubuntu but I have not found them.
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