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Cluster BE - terminase, small subunit

| posted 12 Aug, 2019 00:47
Hello all,

I think I might have the 'terminase, small subunit' in the BE2 IchabodCrane, which hasn't yet been identified. It looks very similar to gp3 from NEHalo in terms of coverage and the coiled-coils hits using PCOILS described in the forum post:



For reference, NEHalo gp3 in HHPred and PCOILS:


Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Edited 12 Aug, 2019 00:49
| posted 12 Aug, 2019 18:19
Hi Steve,
I think 121 is located too far away from the other called terminase gene to be a viable candidate— unless we demonstrate it at the bench.

so not for now.
| posted 12 Aug, 2019 18:34

The thing that worries us about both this and Nehal 03 was that it looked a lot like we were seeing just the DNA binding part of a gene, like with the many anti-toxin hits we get that are really just HTH-domains. But it was similar enough to the previous call to merit a look.


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