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A. globiformis aquisition

| posted 17 Jun, 2019 18:03
I would like to start using A. globiformis as the host for phage hunting this fall semester. Since this organism is not in ATCC, as far as I can tell, how do I get a starter culture? Thanks!
| posted 19 Jun, 2019 01:43
We can do that! We will need to complete an MTA and then we can send it to you (from the NRRL collection).
Be sure that the legal contact and shipping address is correct on your institution page.
| posted 19 Jun, 2019 17:53
Thank you so much! Miriam is listed as the primary contact so I've given her a heads up that you guys will probably be emailing her. Everything else on the institution page is correct and good to go.
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