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| posted 24 May, 2019 18:04
I am checking a BE1 submission, which have 40+ tRNAs. I noticed, as I go though them that I would not have accepted all of these. I've already found four with acceptor stems of 5 bp, 6 bp, and 8 bp, and a couple with very low scores (10 and 14), but that are present in other BE1 phages.

Before I deleted them, I wanted to make sure there was no reason these were in there outside the guidlines.


Edited 24 May, 2019 18:08
| posted 24 May, 2019 21:03

I would just note that any tRNA calls for most of the BE1 phages already in GenBank were called using the rules AS THEY EXISTED AT THE TIME of their annotation. That could be part of the discrepancy.

Keep in mind that some rules also overrule other rules, so that could also be part of the difference.

| posted 24 May, 2019 21:12
Ah. Thanks. That helps.

Edited 24 May, 2019 21:13
| posted 24 May, 2019 21:16
These are big phages.

| posted 26 May, 2019 19:47
Steven Caruso
These are big phages.


Yep! At least the large terminal repeats actually bring the total down a little bit (since both ends should be identical, you only have to annotate one end and then just match the other one), but still large. And the massive number of tRNA's increases the workload too.

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