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Cluster BI - Chitosinase

| posted 11 May, 2019 17:20
I am reviewing a BI1 and have a couple genes with functions assigned that are not on the official function list. Both were undoubtedly chosen because they were assigned historically. I just want to get a backstop of my plan. I'll post them as separate posts.

One is chitosinase, which I am changing to glycoside hydrogenase.

Eight cluster BI phages have the function chitosinase assigned to a gene in pham 16099 (

The protein does hit chitosinase in Strep and other bacterial spp. by both blastp ( and HHPred ( and (

The closest approved function is a glycoside hydrogenase, of which chitosinase is a type. The other option is to put in a petition to have it added to the list.


Edited 11 May, 2019 17:40
| posted 13 May, 2019 15:03
Hi Steve,
sO I guess the question is if we can confirm the more specific assignment. I don't know enough about the enzymes to know how closely related they are, and if we are sure of the chitosinase label. are there specific domains or residues we should look for? IF it is not easy to confirm, the more generic is always appropriate.
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