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Cluster EB/ED glutaredoxin

| posted 06 May, 2019 17:41
Many phages of clusters EB and ED have a gene (e.g. Jacko 31) whose product could reasonably be annotated as a glutaredoxin, or more broadly, a thioredoxin. The official function list currently offers "thioredoxin" and "NrdH-like glutaredoxin" as options. How can one judge whether a glutaredoxin is sufficiently NrdH-like to receive the title of "NrdH-like glutaredoxin"? Is it necessary to offer some other, more general "glutaredoxin" as a legitimate annotation?
| posted 06 May, 2019 20:10
We have found a few enzymes in some of our streptomyces phages where the "like" part of the approved function list did not apply. For these we posted a request for a "new" function without the "like" part. In support we provided references to the papers describing the novel structure of the protein as evidence that our hiqh quality HHPRED hits to these crystals mean the more generic term should be added to the list.

However in this case for Jacko 31 I think the "NrdH-like glutaredoxin" is appropriate since on PECAAN results there is an HHPRED hit with >98% prob and >98% coverage to 4FIW_A which is the published crystal structure of NrdH from E coli. Given this hiqh quality hit by HHPRED to NrdH I would say that the term "NrdH-like" does apply.
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