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Lysin A in Rhodococcus phage

| posted 13 Apr, 2019 21:13
Hi All,
I am calling two Lysin A genes in a Rhodococcus phage, Whack.

The first domain appears to match with high prob and coverage to M23 peptidase domain. They Payne paper refers this domain states that the M23 peptidase domain is typically observed in phage endolysins of Rhodococcus.

The HHPRED hits specify M23B peptidase of various bacteria such as Helobacter pylori (as seen in Bxb1)…But also matches a Vibrio cholerae zinc peptidase (which is also mentioned in Payne paper but as M23 not M23B) Does the type of M23 peptidase need to be specified?

Do you approve the call of M23 peptidase domain for lysin A and if so Can we add this to the accepted functions list?

| posted 18 Apr, 2019 13:09
Hi Sally,
I thought M23 was on the list already– go head and use it. and I don't think we can be more specific and use M23B without better data.

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