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| posted 05 Feb, 2020 03:52
Hi all,

We have seen the same issue with the Starterator/Phages DB error in PECAAN, and Chris your answer makes sense. We are seeing another issue in PECAAN where some of the genes will turn to a green check mark, while others will not and stay as a red X. We've looked through carefully and we've added all the information for each gene. As of now about a 1/3 of the genes in the genome will not turn to a green check mark. Any thoughts on this?

Jamie Wallen (WCU)
| posted 05 Feb, 2020 15:40
Hi Jamie,
Are you using the dropdown function choice menu in PECAAN? My students couldn't get a green check mark unless they type in an exact match to the functions in PECAAN, or actually selected an existing function from the dropdown menu. And of choice clicking 'save' BEFORE leaving the page.
| posted 05 Feb, 2020 16:17

Thank you for the reply, and that was it! They had the correct function typed into PECAAN (based on the official function list), but they had the first letter capitalized. It was not capitalized in the function drop down. It's always something simple. Thank you!
| posted 05 Feb, 2020 16:20
Yes a typo of any kind can keep the system from changing to a green check. One simple error that is hard to detect is if there is a space character to the beginning or end of the function. The other thing worth mentioning but cannot explain your high rate is that the approved function list changes quite quickly but Pecaan only updates its list periodically. So again you can have synchronization issues. It is not uncommon for us to have an X or two by the end of an annotation because of this. Not sure why you are getting up to 1/3rd. So my suggestion is the same as JoAnn, encourage the students to type just a few characters in the function and then select the correct entry from the dropdown.
Edited 05 Feb, 2020 16:26
| posted 24 Apr, 2020 12:48
PECAAN seems to be down. Is anyone else having the same problem?
| posted 24 Apr, 2020 14:37
Hi. I was able to get on a minute ago. Wanna try again?
| posted 29 Jan, 2023 22:44
Just an FYI, I have been trying to reach PECAAN all day today with no success. Also, this website is also reporting it is down. Emails and messages have been sent to Clair and Dex.
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