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Is pham 23434 a DNA recombinase or a helicase?

| posted 21 Mar, 2019 16:13
We are annotating a cluster EA1 phage and found that pham 23434 (gp34) is coming up as a DNA recombinase based on other annotated cluster EA1 phages on BLASTp. However, HHpred has many PDB hits to replicative DNA helicases such as RepA and a few hits to RecA-like proteins from yeast and archaea- further down the list, there is a PDB hit with RecA from E.coli. It also has conserved domains with both RepA and RecA. Is there a reason that other EA1 phages did not call it a RepA-helicase?
| posted 22 Mar, 2019 21:49
Hi Deb,
So I haven't looked at this one closely yet. In general, when I try to decide what/if any function a protein may have, I try to find out more about the possibilities.
What do you know about RepA/RecA? Are they both the same size? Does one have a domain that the other doesn't? Are there key catalytic residues that need to be present for either one?

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