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Suggested Start Drop-down

| posted 05 Feb, 2019 16:31
Hi! What exactly are we indicating by selecting either "suggested start (ss)" or "not informative" on the drop-down menu located under Starterator on the Genes page of Pecaan? Do the options refer to Starterator data only, or to Glimmer and GeneMark as well? Does our selection work it's way into our eventual annotation? In short, how do we use this menu?

| posted 05 Feb, 2019 18:06
Hi Eric,
The dropdown only refers to Starterator analysis. When you have worked though each gene in PECAAN and export a file, it will create a block of text that corresponds to a completed notes section for each feature in DNA Master. For the ST: (Starterator) field, the shorthand options are "SS" = Suggested Start, "NA" Not applicable, or "NI" = not informative.

If your analysis of Starterator indicates the selected start is conserved and produces the longest ORFs among the pham, use "Suggested Start". If starterator analysis cant' be done (because the gene is on orpham), use "Not Applicable". If the analysis doesn't inform calling the start (maybe the pham is too diverse to suggest consensus) use "Not Informative".

Good luck and happy annotating.
| posted 05 Feb, 2019 19:37
Perfectly clear! Many thanks!
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