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DNA Master and Chromebook

| posted 30 Jan, 2019 19:09
One of my students this semester has a Chromebook. Will it be possible for her to install and run DNA Master, and if so, how?
| posted 30 Jan, 2019 19:23
Hi Mitch,

No, I don't think so. At least not in a productive manner. You would have to use a Wine or other emulator approach, and Chromebooks don't usually have the specs needed to run that kind of thing.

Instead, you could partner the student with someone who has a functional DNA Master, and so one partner has DNA Master open, the other has Phamerator or GeneMark open.

| posted 18 Jan, 2022 04:09
I have a student with a Chromebook and DNA Master doesnt work. Is there any updates since this one in 2019? Anyone got it to work since then?
| posted 18 Jan, 2022 23:56
Has anyone tried buying cloud PC access?

You can use these search term: "windows cloud PC" or "Desktop as a Service" to see what I am talking about. All these are paid services (although some do have a free period to start), and unfortunately most are designed for businesses not individuals but there are some out there that do cater to the individual. These systems are designed such that a student could connect remotely from any computer with a browser (like a chromebook). The total cost would likely be less than the cost of a typical text book will vary quite a bit depending on how powerful a machine you need. Dan, can you tell us what is the bare minimum one would need for running DNA Master in Windows 10? I assume a student could get by with 1 vCPU but how much memory? This would help estimate prices.

Any reports from others that might have tried this, would appreciate if you could tell us of your experience.
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