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minor tail proteins in Arthrobacter AN cluster

| posted 09 Jan, 2019 16:54
Hi! I am QCing Blair from Baylor University, and could use a little function guidance on gene 11 (6435-6812). There are plenty of BLAST hits to minor tail protein, and there are some HHPred hits that support "tail component" (see attached screenshot), but there's an equivalent HHPred hit to minor capsid. It's also too small for standard minor tail proteins (351bp)and is upstream of tapemeasure (not where I'd expect; there is a minor tail protein downstream of tapemeasure that fits all the criteria, but only one). Keep in mind, this is a small genome, with only 26 genes!

So is this really a minor tail protein? Some other tail component but we can't be sure so it's NKF? Could it be a minor capsid protein?

Thanks for the insight!
| posted 09 Jan, 2019 22:18
Hi. I went back and looked at the genes around capsid, major tail, and tape measure because of your question. I am going to ask Welkin what she thinks about this gene because I still want to call it a minor tail protein.
However, I want to make some changes/confirmations in the nearby genes.
Using PECAAN (and phamerator's gene numbering) I would call the following functions in that area:
gene 8 (5293 - 5649) is a head-to-tail adaptor
gene 9 is NKF
gene 10 is the major tail
gene 11 is the one I want to keep as a minor tail. Mostly because of the pfam hit to P2's Phage tail S gene. It also matches HK97 gp 10 (Pfam) which we are not calling as a function, but know it is a structural gene but also know we (I mean the folks who study HK97) don't know what it does.
gene 12 is the tape measure.

Not helpful yet, but getting there.
| posted 10 Jan, 2019 13:14
yes, i agree— it stays a tail protein.
| posted 10 Jan, 2019 14:18
Thank-you both! I'll keep it as minor tail protein, then. That makes gp 12 an NKF (but is the one Debbie was suggesting could - in the future - be part of tail assembly chaperone in another thread on AN phages), and 13 is tape measure.

And I also agree with Debbie's call for gene 8 being the head-to-tail adaptor (and not just a head-to-tail connector complex).

Forums are awesome!

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