Hi all, I am currently working on QCing cluster N BabeRuth from our 2018 faculty hackathon. On the official functions list is says the Xeno_32 is the example for the toxin in toxin/antitoxin system, HicA-like, but this is not called in Phamerator. BabeRuth_40 is in the same pham as Xeno_32 (Pham 3607), we have currently annotated this as a membrane protein but could switch it to HicA-like if this is correct. In the prophage-mediated defense cluster N paper in figure 4 I think they are just labeled these as membrane proteins. Is this an error on the official functions list?

I think BabeRuth_37 should be assigned the HicA-like toxin/antitoxin function based on HHPRED data and these are labeled as toxin in figure 4 of the paper, but see no such support for 40.