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Link to Baylor box

| posted 04 Aug, 2018 15:04
I have a student trying to install DNAMaster on her Mac. I sent her the most recent link I had to the Baylor box but that box appears to be empty… What am I missing? Thx
| posted 05 Sep, 2018 22:40
Hi Veronique,
I just downloaded a new copy from this web site (

I had another Blob and had to re-install… Blobs!! arghsmile

| posted 16 Jan, 2019 12:57
Hi Sally, this Mac version of DNA Master doesn't require XQuartz or Wine, right? Thanks.
| posted 31 Mar, 2020 21:57
Hi all.

The great COVID-19-diaspora of 2020 has revealed some student-errors. Apparently a number were relying solely on the computer lab PCs and never got DNA Master installed on their MacBooks. I helped those that came to me. But I have 3-4 who don't have it installed.

QUESTION: Has anyone found a way to install the Wine DNA Master package on a Mac running the Catalina 10.15.x Mac OS? The DNA Master software acts like it is installing. An icon displays on the desktop. But once clicked, the DNA Master icon just bounces and does nothing more.

Working remotely is making it difficult to troubleshoot. So I'm hoping you all have suggestions.

Thanks. Greg
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