I'm looking at Gene 61 (Start:40928, Stop: 4012smile in OneinaGillian and all the evidence points to a Rad52-like DNA recombinase. The Rad52 recombinases are present in eukaryotes, however, it shows a quaternary organization similar to those of phage recombinases RecT/Redβ and ERF (Iyer LM et al, Classification and evolutionary history of the single-strand annealing proteins, RecT, Redβ, ERF and RAD52. BMC Genomics 2002). Moreover, the sporadic distribution of this family among phylogenetically distant bacteria, along with its presence in several prophages, suggests that, like the RecT/Redβ and ERF superfamilies, at least the bacterial RAD52-proteins might be of predominantly phage origin.

My question is, for the sake of annotation, should we refer to this as a Rad52-like recombinase or just DNA recombinase? If it's the former then it would need to be added to the approved function list.