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holin with zero transmembrane domains in F cluster phage?

| posted 05 Jul, 2018 17:18
Hi all,
I am annotating ThetaBob, an F4 phage. ThetaBob_32 and 33 have been labeled Lysin A and Lysin B, respectively.
ThetaBob_35 (stop 28491) is in pham 48862, and seven of the eight other members of this pham are marked as holins.
ThetaBob_35 has no transmembrane domains. There are five other F phage with members of this pham marked as holins–Avani_37, Che9D_37, Demsculpinboyz_38, Jabbawokkie_40, Zapner_39–none of these proteins have transmembrane domains. There is sixth F phage with a gene in his pham–Yoshi_39. Yoshi_39 is marked as NKF, and no holin has been identified in Yoshi.
There are two DP phage with members of this pham marked as holins–Ronaldo_64 and Fryberger_61–both each have one transmembrane domain.

ThetaBob_38 has four transmembrane domains, but is well after the lysin genes. HHPred analysis shows a pfam match to E. coli holins in the last quarter of ThetaBob_38.

My plan is to mark ThetaBob_35 as NKF, not as a holin, and to mark ThetaBob_38 as a membrane protein.

Thanks for your thoughts!
| posted 05 Jul, 2018 20:16
I agree. Sounds like some revisions I need to make in those revisions. Thanks!
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