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tRNA? Aragorn called but file checker says error

| posted 25 Jun, 2018 17:35
I get the following error from the final Phamerator file check after submission:
"SparkleGoddess failed to be imported into Phamerator for the following reason(s):
-tRNA at 77662 doesn't appear to have the correct terminal nucleotide"

The tRNA is called by Aragorn, but not by tRNA-ScanSE. The acceptor stem does seem to be odd (one mismatch but seven matches) and of course the error above about terminal nucleotide (you can find this genome in PECAAN, but screenshot of the Aragorn output in PECAAN attached). Should this call be deleted?

A similar genome, Comrade, has the same error (tRNA at 77362 in that genome).

Let me know your thoughts and then I will make corrections to resubmit the genomes to PhagesDB.

| posted 27 Jun, 2018 19:46
I just found that the anticodons were incorrect (which doesn't sound like what the error message said) but maybe that is throwing things off. I'm correcting that and trying to submit them again to see if they work now.
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