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one protein with DNA binding and membrane domains

| posted 02 Jun, 2018 10:45
Hi All,
I found a gene product in cluster K1 genome of Mynx that encodes both a DNA binding domain and four transmembrane (MB) domains. See attached evidence.

The four MB domains run from residues 13 - 136 and the DNA binding domain is on the very C-terminus (residues 244 - 280ish).

Can I call both of these domains on one protein?
| posted 02 Jun, 2018 10:47
I just found the answer on the function list. Going with most specific function of HTH DNA binding domain
| posted 02 Jun, 2018 15:20
Hi. What gene are your questions about? The two functions together a DNA binding protein that sticks to the host membrane is more interesting than either a DNA binding protein or a membrane protein. I would call it as you have decided for now, but just curious.
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