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Authors file

| posted 24 May, 2018 19:42

The instructions for the authors file for the annotation submission say to include last name, first name, and middle initial in three columns

but the example has last name, first initial, middle initial

should we include first name or first initial?
| posted 25 May, 2018 14:53
Hi Ken,
Either is fine. The computer program will truncate whatever you put in the "first name" column down to a single initial.

Thanks for asking.
| posted 17 Dec, 2018 16:26
Not sure if this is the right place to bring up the topic… Is there a mechanism for crediting annotation authors on the PhagesDB phage pages? When a genome is adopted out, annotated by another institution, then appear in publications, the annotating authors and institution should be recognized, right?
| posted 17 Dec, 2018 16:39
Hi Julia,
The annotating school absolutely gets author credit in GenBank. I like the idea of adding an "annotated by" box to phagesdb…. I will look into making it happen.
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