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Synteny + Starterator Fields

| posted 08 May, 2018 23:27

I have noticed that there is a new "Synteny" box under the "Function" box. There is also a new drop-down menu near the Starterator link that gives options like "suggested start" and "not imformative". I haven't been able to find any documentation regarding these new additions; could you clarify what you'd like students to be writing there? I can guess, but I wonder if you'd like specific notes in the "synteny" box.

Thanks very much,
Amanda Freise
| posted 09 May, 2018 12:01
Hi Amanda,
These are in the new online Bioinformatics Guide.
Information about Synteny

Information about Starterator:

Please note, we are no longer recommending or updating the DNA Master Annotation guide. All of the latest information will be in the Online guide.

| posted 09 May, 2018 16:15
Thank you Welkin!
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