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PGDYG Protein

| posted 20 Apr, 2018 01:02
Clifton (F1 Cluster phage) for gene 86 has decent HHpred data that was not called by other phages. It was not on the approved function list. The function is PGDYG protein found in bacteria. It is 150 amino acids in length. The alignment is 92.55%, the probability is 99.47, e-value is 1.2e-15. The data came from Pfam and the accession number is PF14083.5. The translation sequence for gp86 Clifton is:

Pfam link:
HHpred job link:

The most recent DNA Masterfile for Clifton is attached. Could this possibly be a function that could be added to the list?
| posted 04 May, 2018 03:03
Welkin may weigh in on this later, but the question I would ask is whether this is truly a function. There are a few examples of proteins given a function that really isn't one, but my understanding is that we are really trying to limit function calls to proteins that have a function.
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