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Superinfection immunity proteins

| posted 14 Apr, 2018 12:02
Hi All,
I am QCing the cluster A15 genome of LastResort. What are people's feelings on the membrane protein in parABS cassettes that has high probability matches in HHPRED (99.7% prob, 52% coverage, e-val=8E-20) to superinfection immunity protein of T4 phage. This membrane protein excludes other T-even phage from cells already infected with T4. It also matches other superinfection immunity proteins in various bacteria in NCBI blastP (low percent identity but also low e-vals).

Is it safer just to call this a membrane protein?
| posted 16 Apr, 2018 16:04

I don't really like the name "super -infection immunity protein" because there are too many different types of proteins that can accomplish that phenotype.
| posted 16 Apr, 2018 18:51
Membrane protein it is!
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