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DNA binding - HU/histone-like

| posted 30 Mar, 2018 14:55
I am looking at Cluster BH phages and have found a product that doesn't seem to fit the existing types of DNA binding proteins already on the official list (at least as far as I can see).

The HHPRED results for Crosby_9225-8866 gene product are attached. Hits are at 99% probability and e-values of 10^-21 and coverage over most of the query. There are a number of hits called DNA-binding HU or Histone-like. A paper that talks about a possible role of one of these hits in DNA bending is

Please help me determine if this fits an existing category or needs to be explored more for a new function.

| posted 02 Apr, 2018 15:22
Hi Lee,
It would appear you are on the right track…. a small (ca. 100 residues?), basic (?) protein that binds and bends DNA. It could facilitate integration, like IHF, or excision. Does it form a new pham with proteins from other phages? Proteins similar to IHF, FIS, H-NS, HU…. etc. Not seen a similar protein, that I recall, in Paenibacillus larvae phages that we've sequenced.
| posted 17 Apr, 2018 18:26
Thanks, Eric. This Pham appears to only have members from Cluster BH, so nothing out there before appears to have this particular match.
I'll write it up and make a new post under the "Request a New Function" topic.
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