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Trying out PECAN

| posted 14 Mar, 2018 20:42

I am considering trying out PECAAN for in-house QC prior to sending in the files this year. I noticed that the notes produced by PECAAN are quite detailed, but don't match the new format exactly. If we use PECAAN, does that mean we should not use the PECAAN notes, or are they an acceptable alternative?


Edited 14 Mar, 2018 20:42
| posted 16 Mar, 2018 21:56
For example, the tRNA evidence is stripped out of a PECAAN notes file, as is the SIF: category headers, and the Syn category in particular. As I am using it for post annotation QC, I am going to try it and send it in, barring direction on here otherwise.

For what it's worth, PECAAN people: what a nice system! I don't know that I want to use it for the original annotations, I want the students to dig in a bit. But it sure makes it easier for me to QC six of them prior to sending them in to PITT during Spring Break.

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