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Validation error messages

| posted 21 Feb, 2018 19:46
My students are seeing a very weird validation result. It wasn't present in the original merged file which showed fixable or expected messages, but appeared later after students started editing the merged files (attachment). I have tried everything I could think of to get rid of this: re-numbered, re-tagged, recreate documentation, saved and reopen (separately in sequence) and still have the weird
"join(0. .0)
Region lengths not correct
complement (join(0. .0))
Region lengths not correct" messages.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it an issue for final QC? Is there a solution out there?
| posted 21 Feb, 2018 23:17
And this is not an issue due to wrong lengths being entered when you entered the start and stop coordinates for each region? Or did those values not transfer after merge? I seem to recall getting weird messages from DNAMaster when that has happened…
| posted 22 Feb, 2018 16:26
Found the issue and solution; still do not know what caused it to happen in the first place.

For some reason DNA master thought there were regions in genes when there were none. It wasn't obvious–when you clicked regions for the affected genes it looked exactly like unaffected genes: a single set of blank boxes for the start, stop and length. However you could click "delete" region in the affected genes and get the correct dialog: i.e. a warning box asking if you wanted to really delete this region, which required a response (yes in my case). I found and deleted all false regions and the validate warning is gone.

SEA experts–any idea why "hidden" single regions might have happened in the first place?
| posted 06 Mar, 2018 21:09
no. never seen that before. but usually freshmen find a way to do all sorts of things I've never seen before smile
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