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Gordonia singleton annotation help

| posted 20 Feb, 2018 16:10
This semester we are annotating Octobien14 - a Gordonia singleton.
When using blastP to help inform our start sites many of the 1:1 alignments that we see are from proteins in bacterial hosts and not bacteriophage. In situations where there is a 1:1 alignment with a bacterial protein and all phage protein alignments are not 1:1, should we just document the bacterial protein alignment, the phage protein alignment, or both?
| posted 21 Feb, 2018 15:47
You may document the bacterial protein. Singletons are really challenging—just do your best and don't stress over it. I've done singleton annotations that we had to revise once we isolated another five phages from the cluster. Without the comparative genomics, sometimes you just won't know.

Good luck!
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