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web phamerator phreezing up

| posted 26 Jan, 2018 15:57
I have been unable to get web phamerator to work. When I click white space next to a phage, nothing happens and then eventually I get a phamerator not responding message. Is this a wide spread issue or something on my end?
| posted 12 Feb, 2018 18:07
I seem to be having this same issue. We have not yet been successful at getting the site to work at all. We can get the home page up and then it spins when trying to navigate to any of the other pages.
| posted 13 Feb, 2018 20:03 is currently down. Does anyone has an idea when it will be up again?

Thanks, Eric.
| posted 14 Feb, 2018 13:28
It is working now. I can see an update has been done, there may be causation in the correlation, though I do not know for sure.

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