Hi All,
Here are the instructions for posting this this forum.
First: check the most recent Official Functions list. This list has moved online!

Next, if you want to continue with your request:
1. Start a new thread. Don't tack your request onto to the end of an old thread.
2. Present your case by answering the following questions.
What is your evidence that your phage protein has the putative new function? Include alignment tool, database used, phage name/gene number, or other evidence.
How large are known proteins of this type? Is the size of the protein you are investigating of similar size?
Are there conserved residues that are characteristic of this domain? Does your protein have them?
Are there normally other conserved domain present in conjunction with this domain? Does your protein have them?
3. please include links to primary literature (preferred!) or database entries that support your claims.
4. Post the amino acid sequence of the gene in question, so we can copy/paste for further analysis if need be.
5. Upload your most current DNA Master file as an attachment to your post.

Finally—In general, we don't like to put structural domains down as functional assignments, as too many proteins with a variety of functions can include them. This includes "alpha helix", "beta strand" "coiled coil" "zinc-finger" "von Willebrand factor" etc.

Happy functions!

Edited 08 Nov, 2017 15:25