I'm working on Phabba, the only other C2 besides Myrna. In the region that is at the same spot as the lysis cassette in C1, there are three genes. The first has good homology and HHPred structure to endolysins and phage genes called lysin A. The second gene has good HHPred structure matches to glycosyl hydrolases, Beta-xylosidase/alpha-L-arabinfuranosidases. The third gene has two predicted trans-membrane domains.

I have a phamerator screenshot at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kon45w_z70hj0j5hVxiL4Os4_teCo3pEnfWDxFEFNh4/edit?usp=sharing

I can confidently annotate the second and third as "hydrolase" and "membrane protein".

1. What features define lysin B? Could this glycosyl hydrolase be a lysin B?
2. Should this membrane protein be annotated as a holin since it is near to a lysin A?