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| posted 02 Aug, 2017 19:26
Pham 6811 (with only three members, all J) appears to have two enzyme functions in the same polypeptide. The amino terminal region has strong HHpred results for methyltransferases (probability 98%) and also hits in CDD. The C terminus has hits on galactosyltransferases and glycosyltransferases (probability 99.7% for both) and also has hits in the CDD though the CDD hit is to glycosyltransferases. Currrently there is no ability to call combined methyltransferase/glycosyltransferase but it seems very likely that this is the case here. Can this be added? I have linked a copy of the HHpred result
| posted 03 Aug, 2017 15:18
Sure. I wonder if there is a way to shorten the name and remain clear.
| posted 07 Jul, 2018 17:09
ThetaBob is an F4 phage. ThetaBob_107 has good HHPred matches to both glycosyltransferases and methyltransferases; screenshots of the HHPred output are attached. A combined glycosyltransferase/methytransferase function is not on the approved function list and so I am not sure how to identify the function of this protein. It does not seem to lean one way or the other.

ThetaBob_107 is currently in pham 3147 with 9 other non-draft proteins, all in F phage. Avani_105, Jabbawokkie_106, Zapner_106, WillSterrel_99, Llama_108, and Demsculpinboyz_115 are all labeled as glycosyltransferase/methyltransferase. Che9d_109 and Yoshi_114 are labeled as glycosyl transferase. Che8_108 is unlabeled.

Can glycosyltransferase/methytransferase be added an approved function? If not, what is the recommendation for how to label ThetaBob_107?

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