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ASC 1 Activating signal cointegrator

| posted 28 Jul, 2017 02:09
Activating Signal Cointegrator is a RNA binding protein which acts as an transcriptional coactivator and plays an important role in gene transactivation by multiple transcription factors. The gene has been previously annotated (unofficially) as ASC-1 like domain in Zombie_38 and activating signal cointegrator (ASC-1) protein in several other genomes - Kita_62/Jane_38. PHYRE2 search using LouisV14_40 returns 100% confidence to crystal structure of activating signal cointegrator (np_814290.1) from Enterococcus faecalis. HHpred and CCD searches also return hits to ASC.
| posted 31 Jul, 2017 14:30
Hi JAckie, sounds pretty solid. Do you have any thoughts on what the official name be? I don't really like either just the alphabet soup or the full length Activating Signal Cointegrator - 1 transcriptional coactivation protein.
ASC-1 transcription coactivator? IS that too long?

| posted 14 Aug, 2017 14:15
I think ASC-1 transciption coactivator is OK.
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