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Ead/Ea22-like protein

| posted 02 Jun, 2017 20:58
I have a cluster A1 phage (Smairt) with an ORF with nice blastp and HHPred matches (98% probability, 70% coverage) to Ead/Ea22-like protein. Call function?
| posted 06 Jun, 2017 12:59
I don't know what an Ead/Ead22 -like protein is. Can you elaborate? Does it make sense in the context of phage biology?
| posted 06 Jun, 2017 15:38
From HHPred (as well as Interpro, pfam, …smile Ead/Ea22-like protein
This family contains phage proteins and bacterial proteins that are likely to represent integrated phage proteins. This family includes the Lambda phage Ea22 early protein as well as the Bacteriophage P22 Ead protein.

A quick Google search does not find more information than this… I'm happy to just say NKF
| posted 08 Jun, 2017 15:27
I agree! Stick to NKF.
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