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K1 function call

| posted 24 May, 2017 19:14
Hi all

My students and I have been annotating a K1 phage and we have found some interesting HHPred matches. We are wondering whether these are sufficient to call funtion:

Genes 39 and 40 - Both proteins show matches to ESAT6 family proteins - the first over only 20-25% of the aa sequence, the second over the whole aa sequence. Call function Virulence protein or NKF?

Genes 94 and 95 - Nice HHPred matches - over 99%, whole length of aa sequence, very low E values -to HicB antitoxin and HicAtoxin - Call function?
| posted 24 May, 2017 20:17
Hi Veronique,

Re the toxin/antitoxin the approved names are as follows:
toxin in toxin/antitoxin system, HicA-like
antitoxin in toxin/antitoxin system, HicB-like

Edited 24 May, 2017 20:17
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