Annotating gp88 of Rhinoforte which is in Pham 4242. The Starterator report from the indicates that 100% of the annotated members of this pham have the same start (start 2) and the autoannotated start in Rhinoforte is that very same start. When I performed a BLASTp search in either Phamerator (Phagesbd) or NCBI, the product matches for phages in this pham do not align aa1:aa1. The starts are the same, and the initial AA sequence is the same but there are internal additions or deletions that change the align in a BLASTp search. For example, LizLemon gp90 is in this Pham but has 121 AA compared to the 122 AA in Rhinoforte. In this case, the Starterator Report is more informative than the BLASTp match. Have attached our DNAMaster file for Rhinoforte.