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C1 phage

| posted 10 Apr, 2017 21:41
I was checking a student's annotation for Bigswole, a C1 phage and noticed that it has a large number of tRNAS. However Among the tRNA genes, there is a long ORF OF 1253 bp (DNAM 273) , and one of 425 bp (DNAM 278 ) in between all of them. Is that valid?

I am attaching the file here, which have a few genes that are annotated.
Would appreciate some feedback.
Thank you
Edited 11 Apr, 2017 14:47
| posted 24 Apr, 2017 16:18
Hi Sangha,

From looking at the DNA Master file, I think that the longer of these two (which overlaps a lot of other tRNAs) is just a miscall. You can safely delete that one. The 425 bp one, however, is probably a tmRNA, and should be called.

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