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PECAAN Z-scores differ from DNAMasters

| posted 10 Apr, 2017 14:32

It seems that the Z-scores from PECAAN differ from the Z-scores from DNAMaster for a given gene, and for the same start sites. Any idea why? Both scores for the same gene start always seem to show the same trend, so it doesn't seem like a big issue– just a curiosity for now. Which one should be in the final annotation notes? We are going with the PECAAN ones since they are all imported into DNAMaster at once.

SCSU, New Haven CT
| posted 11 Apr, 2017 15:09
I will check with Claire as to what setting he uses. then we can see if they "match". i will keep you posted.
| posted 17 Apr, 2017 20:59
Nick and Debbie,
DNA master bases its z-scores on the raw scores of all possible open
reading frames. PECAAN uses the open reading frames of candidates for
all GeneMark and Glimmer called genes for the z-scores. Also, PECAAN
uses double precision floating point calculations, which may cause
slightly different results.

Claire and Dex
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