Another one from Abt2graduatex2: RNase adapter protein RapZ

The genome has this function (not on the approved list) for gp55. I compared the HHPRED data for the equivalent gene in BabyGotBac (gp56, which was annotated as "ATPase"smile and found there is 100% probability, 90% coverage, and E-value of 0 to the RNase adapter protein (RapZ in E.coli).

The function in Uniprot is given as "Modulates the synthesis of GlmS, by affecting the processing and stability of the regulatory small RNA GlmZ"

Thoughts on this function?


Hi! I'm looking to see if Lee got an answer on this one and can't find it. We have phage Santhid (cluster DY) gp56 with a similar hit on HHPred. 100% probability 86% coverage e = 1x10-32. The hit is to a RNAse adapter protein RapZ. What was your final call and why, Lee?
Thanks, Sara