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Adding Illumina reads

| posted 07 Nov, 2015 21:08
I have tried to add Illumina reads to an assembly using "addSolexaReads.perl" and following Dan's instructions. However I keep getting the following error "-ace must be specified". Everything looks correct to me with the command and filenames.

Any suggestions?

| posted 08 Nov, 2015 03:03
Figured it out! I was using the old form, not the newer form of the command (forgot to read the comments at the bottom of the video).
| posted 10 Nov, 2015 18:30
Yep, you got it Lee. I made the original video with an older version of consed. The new syntax should be:

addSolexaReads.perl -ace your_ace_file.ace -fastqfof reads_file.fof -fasta fasta_file.fof

Edited 10 Nov, 2015 18:31
| posted 23 Sep, 2023 19:12
Hi Dan and Lee, I'm having the same question. I tried executing the new command you posted modified to my case:
addSolexaReads.perl -ace 454Contigs.ace.1.ace -fastqfof Reads.fof -fasta 454Contigs.ace.1.contigs.fof
Since my files are called 454Contigs.ace.1.ace and 454Contigs.ace.1.contigs and Reads.fof.

But it still wouldn't work, including different variations I tried. Are there any key preceding steps that I should know that are not in your tutorials? I couldn't find that video with the comments at the bottom that you mentioned. Thanks very much.
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